It’s been a long while since I have posted on a blog. Over the past few years, social media has replaced blogs, emails, and other forms of communication. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are now primary methods for keeping touch with friends and family. They are also where we post sexy selfies and pictures of our breakfast. They are tons of fun, but they are good and bad at the same time. Gone is our quiet time and spending that extra quality time with our loved ones. And gone is the cathartic creativity and thoughtfulness that we used to pour into a blog post that is now replaced by memes, emojis, and snarky blurbs. We’ve become a population who likes our news and updates from friends and family in small, digestible snippets of superficial slop. We want it short and sweet, and fast. Our mushy brains can no longer handle anything that resembles educated insightfulness and deep thought.

We’ve become lazy and stupid, and willingly ignorant. We love fake news!!! How else can you explain that we have the stupidest man to ever inhabit the White House. Seriously, the man is an imbecile. He’s destroying our country (and perhaps our planet) as we sit back. Oh sure, we’re outraged! We are fighting back with snarky insults and “smart” stuff we’ve actually read in books way back in college (because he’s never read a book in his life). But that’s a problem because he doesn’t give a shit and just keeps on destroying every single accomplishment this country has made in the last 100 year or more! REALLY! For those of you who say, “oh he’s not a Hitler. Please don’t compare him to Hitler.” FUCK YES, he is exactly like Hitler! He may not be throwing Jews in concentration camps (yet) or throwing people in gas chambers (yet), but he’s still done some pretty horrible shit! WAKE THE FUCK UP, PEOPLE! This is a fight for our existence as a free and democratic country!

Anyway, Fuck Trump! I’m going to try and rev-up my brain and create some blog posts that use my educated and intelligent mind. It’s a little rusty, but I will do my best.