Singing Happy Birthday to Daddy Steve! 🎂
Santa Chris! 🎅
My furry granddaughter. ❤️
Remy joined the holiday decorating team again this year! 🎄
Santa’s helpers are here to help put up the tree! They’re finally at the the ages that they want to help!!! Woohoo! 🎅🎄
The face stuffing has begun!
Nathan’s latest Magna-Tile creation! 🏰
Singing Happy Birthday to Mum Mum! 🎉
Mum Mum and grandkids celebrating her birthday! 🎂
Godspeed SpaceX crew!!! Woohoo!!!
Happy 78th Birthday, Mom! You have always been a loving, supportive mother and now a loving, supportive grandmother. We all love you more than words can convey. ❤️
Our scruffy, furry child. ❤️
Emmy and Laser. ❤️
Remembering my grandfather, William James Fairbanks, on this Veteran’s Day. He was born 121 years ago and bravely fought in WWI. Thank you for your service, Papaw. ❤️
So proud of our East Bay sister, Kamala Harris, the first woman and first person of color, becoming Madam Vice President!!!!
We did them proud!
Millions are celebrating around the country!!!!
Woohoo!!! Our Champagne turned into Mimosas this morning! #bidenwins
Election Day brunch! #vote

@Acosta I hope Biden fires them all and reinstalls the decent, honest, hard-working people that were replaced by corrupt, incompetent, idiots!

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