Instagram post 2137642523416820366_11171057 The siblings celebrating Nathan's 5th birthday! 🎈
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Instagram post 2136962309044955067_11171057 Happy 5th birthday to our beautiful, funny, exceptionally smart, sweet Nathan!!! You bring much love and laughter to us all and we love you very much! ❤️
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Instagram post 2121565518996903965_11171057 Emmy lost her first front tooth! Yay!!! The Tooth Fairy is coming tonight! 🦷
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Instagram post 2117754534066704985_11171057 These kids love In-N-Out burgers! 🍔#innout
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Instagram post 2113286708211955541_11171057 Good morning! (There's no lenses in Chris's glasses.) 🤓
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Instagram post 2109744162160256800_11171057 Abby and her "boyfriend" Cortland. ❤️ #firstdayofschool
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Instagram post 2109692264619369298_11171057 The back-to-school bunch! Emmy, 1st grade. Nathan, TK. Chris, 2nd grade. Abby, 2nd grade. They're growing up too fast!!! 😢
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Instagram post 2108537852697777536_11171057 End of summer party! Mr. Nathan starts elementary school this week! He's a big boy now!
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Instagram post 2108536866004645135_11171057 Abby loves her little brother! She went with Nathan for his school physical and booster shots. It made him feel happy and safe to have her there. ❤️
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Instagram post 2104681762080141526_11171057 Bike ride #2! 10 miles down and 10 to go! Woohoo! Riding today in honor of our baby mama, Jessica Nieva, who’s having our uterus removed. I say “our uterus” because she gave birth to our six beautiful babies (four are mine and Steve’s). We love you! Wishing you a speedy recovery! ❤️
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Instagram post 2103427851461334277_11171057 My kids have never seen Beavis and Butthead. It just comes naturally to them. 🤪
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Instagram post 2102592754965422790_11171057 Nathan enjoying a birthday party with friends.
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