Our furry baby turned 2 yesterday! 🤎
There’s a bit of ash on my windshield.
A very brief recess on Mars.
I seem to have woken up on Mars this morning. This is without any filters.
This is what the sun looks like today through all the smoke. 🥵
“Dad! Stop taking my picture!”
The Nerd Squad! With their blue light blocking glasses on! 🤓
Amy has charmed Julie (Remy's Mom). Nobody can escape Amy's powers of love! ❤️
Nathan is a typical little man, running around without his shirt on.
Seriously? I have to educate my four kids at home and social distance AND now this? Ugh!
Watching Crew Dragon splash down! #crewdragon #nasa🚀
Last night I made Miso Noodles with lots of veggies. It was yummy! 😋
Amy is trying to seduce me! ❤️
This is my new assistant, Miguel. He doesn't need to eat, sleep, get paid, and he can never get COVID. He's perfect! If I could only get him to talk.
Something feels a little bit odd today. 👁👁

Every single day I wake up and think, "I wonder what kind of fucked-up nonsense is going to happen today." The day never disappoints.

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