It’s hilarious that cats don’t realize that their tails are attached to their butts! 😂
Abby and her Sunday morning hair.
The Sun is trying to force its way out today. 🌞
Homemade heirloom tomato and basil pizzas for dinner! #heirloomtomatoes
Biden wins again for the final time! He is now officially officially officially legally the President-Elect!
A chicken and tofu stir fry to start the New Year! 🥢
Thunder enjoying the sun after it rained all night. 😸
New spiffy bike for Nathan! He’s grown so much since last year, he needed a big boy bike!
Chris & Abby got Apple watches for Christmas! They have their own numbers but it’s all linked to my phone. The first step towards cell phones (not before they are 13!).
Santa was here!!! 🎅
The annual reading of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.
One of these things is not like the others. Mr. Hotdog decided he wanted to be a Christmas decoration. 🌭
The 2020 tree ornament! 🎄
Wine & Scooby Snacks! (Rosemary & olive oil #triscuits with melted pepper jack cheese and tomato). 😋
Happy 9th birthday to Chris & Abby!!! Our babies aren’t babies anymore! It seems like yesterday that they were swaddled little beans, so small and delicate. Now they are smart, talkative, funny, creative, mischievous, beautiful tweens who will be in middle school two short years from now. 😬Your dads love you both so very much! ❤️❤️❤️
Getting ready for Christmas photos! ❤️🎄
Singing Happy Birthday to Daddy Steve! 🎂
Santa Chris! 🎅
My furry granddaughter. ❤️

A corporation's primary focus in a post-pandemic world should be #MentalHealth #DavosAgenda Thank you @BofA_news

@RandPaul He was impeached while in office. He committed a serious crime and needs to be convicted. You’re the only sham! You’re a sham of a man with no spine and no integrity! Wimp!

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