Getting ready to record a podcast with Chris. He’s going to attempt to explain Roblox to his old man. #outofwhackpod #roblox
Coming up on Friday’s episode of Out of Whack! My friend, David Marabella stops by to discuss his work at and some crazy stuff from 30 years ago. #outofwhackpod
Little Batman is in our office fighting crime! 💥POW! 💥BAM! 💥 CRUNCH! 💥
First time having some of the kids’ friends visit in over a year! Thanks to Steve for getting the wine and cheese for the adults. Very good call !
My streamlined podcast studio is complete! 🎤
This is how Nathan likes to play games on the computer. God I love my children so much! ❤️
This mixer is AWESOME! #outofwhackpodcast  #podcast  #spotify
Today we talk to my good friend JULIE RUBENSTEIN!
Julie is a parent just trying to do her best to Mother her school age daughter through the pandemic without loosing her Fucking mind! She is a dedicated ally to the transgender community and the certified image consultant and co-owner of  F&H is a unique styling and life coaching  service for transgender women and male-to-female crossdressers.

Her Podcast, the The Fox and the Phoenix: Understanding the Feminine Crossdressing Experience —sets out to de-mystify, humanize, and celebrate the crossdressing community, providing a positive and realistic understanding through conversation between a crossdresser and a cis-ally. Click link in bio for episode. #outofwhackpodcast  #podcast  #spotify
Coming soon! We're busy recording, editing, and getting ready to post our first episode! Sign up for notifications on your favorite social media app and we'll keep you posted. 🎤 🎧 #OutOfWhackPodcast #Podcasts
The furry butt brothers! ❤️
A little wine to go with the pasta! 🍷
Making one pan pasta with lots of Heirloom tomatoes! 🍅
It’s hilarious that cats don’t realize that their tails are attached to their butts! 😂
Abby and her Sunday morning hair.
The Sun is trying to force its way out today. 🌞
Homemade heirloom tomato and basil pizzas for dinner! #heirloomtomatoes
Biden wins again for the final time! He is now officially officially officially legally the President-Elect!

SCOTT’S tweets

BTW, I am part of an Asian family and I don't believe anyone in my family would find this offensive at all.

@taradublinrocks I am part of an Asian family and we eat with sticks all the time. I've seen Chinese people dressed like this character in Chinatown. This is what's considered "offensive" now? Showing different cultures?

Oh, fuck this shit. I'm as liberal as they come but for fuck's sake! We all read these books as kids. How is a WHO racist???

@funder I haven't had to think about it. It's blissful!

@NikkiHaley He's a fucking maniac! WTF is wrong with you???

@Acosta This isn't a scene from Idiocracy???

@DailyCaller The people who worship a man who killed 500,000+ people, refused to admit COVID was a problem, refused to admit that he lost an election, encouraged an insurrection to overturn said election......and they're worried about Andrew Cuomo???

@RandPaul Tired of someone with integrity and scientific credentials giving you the truth, scientific facts, and scientific projections? You want to go back to Trump's magical thinking that it will all just go away one day and "it's a hoax?" 🙄

@SameeraKhan Ted Cruz made Ted Cruz look bad.

@ThatEricAlper David Sedaris. Twice!

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